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"Your body is already brilliantly designed to support you. The arthitecture is within you. The key is to access that brilliant design and work with it".

Faith Clements is one of the founding members of Limhamn Pilates, a non-profit association founded to bring strength, stability and health to the community with the Pilates method. It was whilst suffering crippling back pain that Faith followed an international comprehensive Pilates education to understand how best to get well. She built a Pilates machine studio in her home, and started her own rehabilitation. Limhamn Pilates has recently expanded and opened a larger fully equipped Pilates studio at Hyllie Sportcenter, Malmo, Sweden. Here you learn the Pilates method with very dedicated passionate instructors. "Stay Stronger".

  • Joseph Pilates was decades ahead of his time, the rewards his method brings the individual today are still challenging and successful. Our apparatus studio training introduces you not only to the Reformer, the first apparatus in the method, but also to the Tower, Stability chair and barrels. We introduce you to the 'Pilates Studio method' as a whole. Its a remarkable method which changes your entire body! The method brings increased mental focus which is noticeable in your health, business and decision making.

  • Pilates mat training builds strength and stability in your body, bringing your posture back to balance and alignment, improving your breathing. We teach both Classic Pilates and contemporary methods with modifications when needed. The training challenges you at any level. Optimal individual guidance for your needs. Priced from 140kr - 170kr / class.

  • With the apparatus (machines) you understand the deep long lasting benefits the method gives to your strength, health and wellness. Small groups for beginner, 'Stiff Men', Tennis players and more. Prices 250kr to 350kr / class.

  • Hands on individual guidance to fit your schedule and expectations. 650kr - 700kr /class.


"Stay Stronger"


Founding Board Member & Licensed Comprehensive Pilates Volunteer Instructor
Faith is a BASI licensed comprehensive Pilates instructor. Qualified to teach Pilates Matwork and even Pilates apparatus from beginner to advanced levels.
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'Stay Stronger'
'Movement Heals'