Faith likes to share her education to guide your body back towards balanced strong alignment so you can enjoy your activities for longer. She will help you find your own awareness of your body in movement. Faith founded Limhamn Pilates and created a unique Pilates studio environment, an oasis of calm and has an interesting story to tell.


We recommend you kick start your wellness with an intro class or package safely understand the Pilates principles. We analyse your movement capacity and design a programme to give you maximum progression. CLICK HERE


Learn the Pilates principles in our basic Matwork or tower class. 995 sek / 6. CLICK HERE. START SEPTEMBER.


Open small groups of 3-6 people are for the able bodied. With individual guidance for maximum progress. The ultimate in Studio training! 225kr - 300kr. CLICK HERE.We recommend all new clients first start with an Intro package for your safety.


Why audio lessons?
Audio is the perfect format for Pilates lessons as it better mimics the studio atmosphere, where you focus on form while listening to instructions. CLICK HERE.


If you have individual needs, we recommend you continue with private training. Inviting Faith to train you will change your attitude towards your body and fitness training. 600-700kr. CLICK HERE


'Stiff Man' ? Ballet ? Tennis ? Equestrian? 135kr - 300kr. We can also design a course for your specific groups needs. Contact us at CLICK HERE


Train with a friend, sign up and book to fit both your schedules. 350kr - 450kr. CLICK HERE


We have experience rehabilitating these conditions and partner with the excellence of Hyllie Skadeklinik in the same building. Our goal is to bring you back to health and wellness. Please contact us.


Together we take you on a journey back to health, vitality and wellness. The Pilates method restores and revives both body and mind in a holistic way. Welcome.

“Not only is health a normal condition, but it is our duty to not only attain it but to maintain it.”

“Civilisation unfortunately impairs physical fitness.”
Modern life – doubled up over screens, bent over desks, stressing about deadlines – takes a considerable toll on posture. And as a result, the effect it has on our physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing.
Pilates reverses our natural physical decline and offers a potent antidote to 21st civilisation’s sedentary, screen-fixated ways.

What our clients say




""Amazing...Words cannot do justice... You rock, today is the first day in longer than I can remember that my back is pain free. I'm a believer." I played competitive sports for years.. The overuse and impact finally caught up, and I had been living with daily back and hip pain. Nothing seemed to help. I tried Yoga, Physical Therapy and stopped running, it only got worse. Pilates at Limhamn Pilates Förening was my first introduction to the discipline and Wow!! The day following my second session I was pain free. I'm now a believer and a follower. Many thanks! ".




"Jag hittade Limhamn Pilates Förening av en slump. Började träna med reformer. Efter mina första lektioner var jag tvungen att åka hem och sova! Jag blev jättetrött. Har aldrig känt något liknande tidigare, jag anser mig ändå i ganska god form. Men denna trötthet var för mig ett tydligt tecken att detta var något helt annorlunda. Efter att ha gått regelbundet hela våren känner jag mig starkare och mer ¨liksidig¨. Det här med liksidigheten märker jag mest i min ridning. Jag rekommenderar verkligen att testa denna form av träning!"




"I’ve been doing pilates with Faith since last September. I observe great differences with my body. Faith has wonderful approach, she sees the potential in me, motivates to realize my potential and takes care of my well being at the same time. I can feel that I am stronger now and my posture improved a lot. Thank you Faith for all your support."




"Är nu inne på min femte termin för ”Stiff men”. Utmanande övningar som anpassas till min nivå. Jag har mindre ont, är mer rörlig och starkare - tack Faith!."




"Excellent pilates training to get movement into the body, strengthen the core and reduce stress on the back, and fine-tune muscles you didn't know you had. Different exercises to suit individual needs and good progression so it always feels like a challenge".

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