Faith is professional and methodical, her bright pleasant personality shines through together with her passion for your individual progress.  

Every class with Faith is a new experience in your body and one that you will want to repeat regularly.

You get deep muscle energy and circulation that flushes your entire body like never before. You are brought back to the balanced strength and flexibility of your youth.

”Your body is highly intelligent, given the correct circumstances it heals itself, I am your guide to take you back to a balanced strength, alignment and flexibility you once knew instinctly”.

” Once you realise you can change how you feel you are hooked on the classical Pilates method”.

Faith is on the Board of Limhamn Pilates Förening and herself regularly trains for some of the most well respected international trainers so you receive an amazing body experience.

“Change in the body really does happen in movement, I see so many clients completely change their posture and life, it´s a privilege to help people.

Faith had a very successful career for over 20 years as a consultant in international corporate finance until she was forced to give up her career due to crippling chronic back and neck pain in her early 40’s.

“ I have always been an athlete of various sports. l had a very strong athletic body,  but on the inside I was weak and disconnected with a lot of compensatory movement dysfunctions. I even had head injury and repeated whiplash. The help I had just overloaded and compounded my conditions until I could hardly walk. I Said `STOP I will fix this my way`, and I did".

"A combination of my acute experience and education well places to understand the mechanics of the body in movement, especially rehab. Lets face it everyone has imbalances so it’s all rehab of one kind or another whether you have back pain or are a pro athlete. The body needs balancing and bringing back to strong alignment daily so you can perform at your best in business and in daily life."

We welcome beginners, experienced and all populations, Young or aging with grace. Welcome to email, call in or book your Intro class.

Below is a short summary of our training.

Intro Month 

3 Private classes to assess your movement capacity and design a programme thats right for you.

After your private classes you are welcome to join our semi-private group classes.

Intro 2 Week trial 

 You learn the basics of the method from the start in a safe way. You learn to coordinate your body in movement effectively building safe stability and strength.

Semi-Private Group

Small groups of 3-4 for the able bodied.  These small groups are the ` crème de la creme` of the Pilates method where you individually progress gaining independence and change in your body with our guidance using the studio apparatus.  We require you first take at least 3 private classes.

55 minutes.


For those who prefer or who have pain, injury or conditions that need individual attention we recommend private training.  

We recommend all semi-private group clients consider 1 private class monthly to maintain individual progress.

55 or 30 minutes.


If you like to train with a friend, family member or colleague this is for you.

´Stiff Men´ Tower

Join this challenging guys class and you will discover quickly your weaknesses.

You will be challenged like never before!


Group training on the Mat using your bodyweight to gain strength and stability combined with mobility of your back. Beginners are recommended to start with Matwork Intro to learn the method in a safe way.

Matwork Open is for you who has had at least 6 Matwork basic classes and have developed the strength to go further.

Ballet Matwork

A class for the ballet community.

Here we support your ballet training at Rhodins or other Malmo Ballet company's in building necessary strength, stability and flexibility in a safe way to avoid injury.


A class for you in your best years.  We help you maintain strength and stability in daily life activities in a fun class.

Large Groups

Please contact us if you would like us to visit your business to assess/train your staff or to arrange a large group training at Hyllie Sportscenter.



BASI Pilates Comprehensive Pilates Instructor Licence (Matwork & apparatus) April  2015 - October 2016, Copenhagen.

Professor Karen Clippinger Hip and knee alignment and biomechanics on the Pilates reformer. PMA CPD November 2017, Copenhagen

Professor Karen Clippinger Shoulder Girdle and the Pilates apparatus method, PMA CPD Copenhagen September 2016

Professor Karen Clippinger Sacrum and Lumbar spine and the Pilates apparatus method, PMA CPD, Copenhagen September 2016

Pilates Teachers Association (UK) Return to Life Conference 19 Hours CPD certified Isle of Man July 2016. With Kathi Ross-Nash, Sean Gallagher,Junghee Won,

 Crawford, Julie Hedge Cordier,


Classical Comprehensive Pilates education, PilatesB, Copenhagen 2018/2019


PilatesB Copenhagen, Weekly teachers development training.

Pilatesology online educational development for Pilates Instructors

Classical Pilates Scolarship: Clare Dunphy Hermani, USA 15 hours May/June 2018.


Classical Pilates Training: Pilates Scandinavia: Fredrik Prag, November 2017 - March 2018

Classical Pilates Workshop, Pilates B Copenhagen:  Gloria Gaspari & Murat Burkin 3 days November 2017.

The Nordic Pilates Conference 2017, Helsinki. Moses Urbano, Pilates Scandinavia 2 days September 2017.

Classical Pilates Workshop, Pilates B Copenhagen: Bob Leikins 3 days August 2017.

Anatomy Trains, Art in Motion: Anatomy Trains in Motion Karin Gurtner, Developer & Principal Educator, Thomas Myer’s Anatomy Trains. Copenhagen 3 days February 2017

Classical Pilates Workshop: Pilates for Golfers Pilates Scandinavia & Classical Pilates Malmo, 3 hours September 2016.

Classical Pilates Workshop, Pilates B Copenhagen: Access Pilates USA- Moses Urbano September 2016.

Packages and Courses