6 years-ago I had a successful corporate career ahead of me. I was well-known and networked within the industry and had opportunities and options.

Then I got really sick with my back, I lost the ability to move pain free. I 'let go' of the outcome and took a year out to find my strength in movement, and redefine my daily life.

During this time I started a new education, one that would bring me back to balanced physical strength again. When I finished the education I had a feeling that I wanted to offer more to the world, starting with my local community. 

Success to me is about making an impact on the community at a local level and also on communities globally.

"I highly recommend redefining your picture of health and strength in movement today because it means you won’t ever have to deal with regret later. It will help you make better choices and decisions about work, business and friendship".

"A comprehensive Pilates education followed and I both built a Pilates studio in my home for my own rehab and started helping people in the community on a voluntary basis towards better posture and strength in movement".

At Limhamn Pilates we are very beginner friendly, we meet you where you are 'today' and work from there. We welcome beginners, experienced and all populations, Young or aging with grace.

Limhamn Pilates is open for every-body. 

Welcome to email, call in or book your Intro class.

Below is a short summary of our education.



B.A.S.I Pilates Comprehensive Instructor Licence (600 hour) (Matwork & Studio Apparatus) October 2015, Copenhagen.

Professor Karen Clippinger Hip and knee alignment and biomechanics on the Pilates reformer. PMA CPD November 2017, Copenhagen.

Pilates Teachers Association (UK) Return to Life Conference 19 Hours CPD certified Isle of Man July 2016. With Kathi Ross-Nash, Sean Gallagher,Junghee Won, Crawford, Julie Hedge Cordier,

Professor Karen Clippinger Sacrum and Lumbar spine and the Pilates apparatus method, PMA CPD, Copenhagen September 2016.

Professor Karen Clippinger Shoulder Girdle and the Pilates apparatus method, PMA CPD Copenhagen September 2016.

Professor Karen Clippinger Hip and knee alignment and biomechanics on the Pilates reformer. PMA CPD November 2017, Copenhagen


Classical Pilates Comprehensive Education (600 hour) Den Danske Pilatesskole, Copenhagen: (Matwork & Studio Apparatus) International recognised qualification studying under industry leaders:  Gloria Gaspari, Italy, Amy Kellow, England, Karen Frishmann, USA February 2019 for 24 months.

Pilates B, Copenhagen: Individual coaching. 


SUMMARY: 2019: 23 2018: 22 hours   2017: 56 hours   2016: 43 hours   2015: 6 hours plus continuing individual study.

Classical Pilates Workshops, Pilates Scandinavia by Prag Movement: Moses Urbano Access Pilates USA - 2 days August 2019

Classical Pilates Workshops, Pilates B Copenhagen:  Karen Frishmann 1.5 days May 2019.

Classical Pilates Workshops, Pilates B Copenhagen:  Alissa Wyatt & Gloria Gaspari  3 days November 2018.

Classical Pilates Training: Pilates Scandinavia: Fredrik Prag, November 2017 - March 2018.

Classical Pilates Workshop, Pilates B Copenhagen:  Gloria Gaspari & Murat Burkin 3 days November 2017.

The Nordic Pilates Conference 2017, Helsinki. Moses Urbano, Pilates Scandinavia 2 days September 2017.

Classical Pilates Workshop, Pilates B Copenhagen: Bob Leikins 3 days August 2017.

Anatomy Trains, Art in Motion: Anatomy Trains in Motion Karin Gurtner, Developer & Principal Educator, Thomas Myer’s Anatomy Trains. Copenhagen 3 days February 2017

Classical Pilates Workshop: Pilates for Golfers Pilates Scandinavia & Classical Pilates Malmo, 3 hours September 2016.

Classical Pilates Workshop, Pilates B Copenhagen: Access Pilates USA- Moses Urbano September 2016.