A Reformer intro session for the curious beginner who has not tried Pilates or the Pilates Reformer. Here you will learn Pilates principles, terminology and movement according to the classical Pilates system. This class is suitable for the beginner new to Reformer training.


Pilates for Men

Pilates is one of the fastest growing training methods for men as they recognise its benefit to balance both their other sports and overall fitness levels  We see a lot of guys also with back pain and we love to work with that too. Pilates focuses on creating a strong core so basically every movement you make can be done with control and strength, reducing the possibility of injury.  The method also provides a balanced Read more…



PILATES INTRO TOWER A basic course for those who want to learn the original Pilates principles, technique and movement patterns using the Tower equipment. Learn to strengthen and lengthen your muscles with control and fluidity, whilst strengthening the muscles of your core. This course is suitable for all levels from beginner to advanced. Drop in & Courses available


Pilates for Dressage

"Jag hittade Limhamn Pilates Förening av en slump. Började träna med reformer. Efter mina första lektioner var jag tvungen att åka hem och sova! Jag blev jättetrött. Har aldrig känt något liknande tidigare, jag anser mig ändå i ganska god form. Men denna trötthet var för mig ett tydligt tecken att detta var något helt annorlunda. Efter att ha gått regelbundet hela våren känner jag mig starkare och mer ¨liksidig¨. Det här med liksidigheten märker Read more…



INTRO: Start here after your private classes. You are introduced to the pre pilates exercises to prepare your body for the original classical pilates basic studio method. BASIC: This is for you who has developed good strong foundation strength in the studio and wants more challenge. You work at the classic pilates basic studio method. OPEN: Have you a healthy strong body, no back pain ? Developed a deep stability and strength ? this is Read more…



A basic course in the original Classic Pilates Tower method. START: 4th March & 5th March TIME: 10:30 & 18:00 DURATION: 8 weeks LOCATION: Hyllie Sportcenter Studio **Test for free** Monday 25th February 10:30 & Tuesday 26th February 18:00 You learn how to stabilise, strengthen and lengthen your muscles with safe control in movement using the tower apparatus resistance springs and bars. A course & class for all levels from beginner to advanced. Very welcome!



COURSE PRICE: 1,000kr/6 weeks NEXT COURSE START:28/2 08:40 DROP IN: 200 kr You learn the basic foundation principles of classical Pilates training. You learn to find good breathing in movement and become aware of how to find deep stability and strength. This is a great course if you have also had a pause or trained at another studio. The tempo is slow and you have time to practice the movements. No previous experience needed. If you Read more…