A basic course in the original Classic Pilates Tower method. START: Tuesday  29/1 TIME: 18:00 DURATION: 8 weeks ( not incl. 19/2 ) LOCATION: Hyllie Sportcenter Studio You learn and gain awareness of how to stabilise, strengthen and lengthen your muscles with safe control in movement using the tower apparatus resistance springs and bars. A course & class for all levels from beginner to advanced. Very welcome!



COURSE PRICE: 1,000kr/6 weeks DROP IN: 200 kr You learn the basic foundation principles of classical Pilates training. You learn to find good breathing in movement and become aware of how to find deep stability and strength. This is a great course if you have also had a pause or trained at another studio. The tempo is slow and you have time to practice the movements. No previous experience needed. If you are recovering from illness Read more…



TRIO GROUP  - SEMI-PRIVATE TRAINING 2019: 400kr/1   3,500kr/10   6.000kr/20   1,800kr/6 week course Trio Semi-Private consist of 3 people at our popular times we open the group for a few more people to accommodate your preferred training times. INTRO: Start here after your private classes. You are introduced to the pre pilates exercises to prepare your body for the original classical pilates basic studio method. BASIC: This is for you who has developed Read more…



”STAY STRONGER” Classical Pilates is a method of exercise designed to stretch, strengthen and balance the body and mind.  With a strong focus on creating a strong center, correcting alignment and balancing the body. PILATES IS FOR EVERY-BODY  INTRO Are you new to Pilates ? Come and learn the basic principles of classical Pilates. We guide you to find better breathing and strength in movement. No previous experience of pilates needed.  BASIC For you who has taken Read more…



A basic course in original Pilates training of the progressive effective Classic Pilates method. You learn how it feels to strengthen and lengthen your muscles with safe control in movement. You get awareness of how to strengthen the muscles of your core. A course & class for all levels from beginner to advanced. TOWER DROP IN 250kr 1 BUY COURSE 1,760kr 8 BUY


Post Natal

A restorative class to help you re-connect to your body and mind after the birth of your baby. We guide you to move slowly and safely once again in movement. Our class will help you return to strength, stability and control increasing the mobility of your spine. You will individually focus on breathing exercises, restorative movement and the pre pilates principles of gentle flow, stretch and control. We recommend you first consult your Doctor before Read more…


Matwork Intro Course

SIGN UP TO MATWORK INTRO Matwork Intro Course Tuesday 17:30 Welcome to our Matwork Intro Course. This is a course for beginners, those whose body needs more time at the beginner level, or those who have aches and pains. Matwork Intro introduces you to the Pilates method in a slow safe way, where you have time to get an awareness of your body in movement.  You focus on developing more functional breathing in movement allowing Read more…