Pilates for Ballet ?

Integrated strength and stability training to support your ballet classes. You train with the resistance springs supporting and increasing your whole body strength. TEST 1 class free BUY:  1 time class 150kr BUY: 7 class Package: 995kr Schedule Appointment BUY 7 classes / 995kr


Your Health

“Our chairs, benches, settees, couches and beds seemingly are designed for every other purpose than that of rest, relaxation, or sleep – they are in reality the primary cause of our acquiring wrong and harmful postural habits…” Joseph H. Pilates (Your Health, p.10-11)  


Fitness Stools

SITNESS 5 ALPINE STOOL Topstar 'Sitness 5' alpine stool chair with gym ball effect A quality fitness stool with integrated exercise ball movement as a seating alternative. Seating technology for modern home , office, or waiting room. Eyecatching elegant non fade felt look colours to blend with your existing furniture. Read more…