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Anatomy trains

Anatomy Trains Art of Motion will present a 3 day educational course in Malmo during late 2018/early 2019.

Course: Slings myofacial training  - Anatomy trains in motion'

Location: Hyllie Sportcenter, Malmo, Sweden

Dates:  To be confirmed. Please email to register interest to


"Founded in 2004 by the twin sisters Karin and Monika Gurtner, and supported by their parents Marion and Kurt, art of motion has grown from a family business of 4 to an education institute with an extended, international family of 30 – and growing.

With the head office in Berne, Switzerland and a long-established base in Perth, Australia, art of motion offers two main curriculums: Contemporary Pilates and Slings Myofascial Training, which includes Anatomy Trains in Motion. Each curriculum comprises an interconnected series of self-contained courses. In Contemporary Pilates we offer a comprehensive Matwork certification and a broad spectrum of continuous education courses. The Slings Myofascial Training curriculum is a higher education for certified movement teachers and movement-savvy bodyworkers."


We foster independent thinking and we really want you to understand each exercise, so you can practice, modify and teach with clear intention and confidence – and have some fun along the way! If you are a curious mover and individualistic teacher who likes to understand exercises and functional sequencing, Slings Myofascial Training is for you. 

In a Nutshell

  • Slings is a clearly structured, myofascial training concept that has been trialled and applied for a number of years.
  • Its philosophy, training principles and exercises are compatible with a broad variety of movement modalities.
  • The overall aim is to enhance structural balance and radiant health through movement.
  • The long-term training goals are optimized movement efficiency, enhanced resilience and the activation of the body's self-healing powers.
  • Dynamic stability, functional strength and movement ease are promoted along with tissue elasticity, glide, adaptability and responsiveness.
  • Refined movement differentiation and awareness improve coordination and psychosomatic wellbeing.
  • System communication within the body is fine-tuned and clear body language encouraged.
  • The progressive step-by-step approach of the training allows everybody to practise on her and his own skill level.
  • The content and dynamics of the versatile lessons can be customized to suit audience and training goals.

Education Path

The education pathway is very simple because we have set it out for you. 

1. Module: Anatomy Trains in Motion
2. Module: Slings Essentials
3. Module: Slings in Motion I
4. Module: Slings in Motion II
5. Module: Slings in Motion III
6. Module: Slings Certification Course




EARLY REGISTRATION DEADLINE: 3 months before course start.

REGISTRATION: to be confirmed

Accommodation: Google search 'Hotels Hyllie Malmo'.

Here you will see a good selection of hotels on the google maps in relation to Hyllie Train station (10 minute walk to the education venue).

Confirmation: We advise against booking any travel or hotel accommodation until you have received your final confirmation one month before the start date of the course.


Slings Foundation Education 

After your successful completion of the first three modules, you will receive your “Slings Certification of Completion”.

Slings Diploma training 

If you attend modules 4 and 5 as well as successfully complete the Slings certification course, you will receive your “Slings Movement Diploma”.

Why is a modular education pathway set out? 


  • You are flexible.
  • You can attend one or two modules to assure yourself of the effectiveness of Slings.
  • You decide whether you want to complete the training course within six months or two years.
  • You can repeat individual modules.
  • You can distribute the course costs over several months or years.
  • You choose dates that suit you.

Prerequisite to participating in the Slings education is a certification in movement or a related field of health and bodywork.

  • art of motion Pilates Matwork Certification.


  • Equivalent movement certification comprising at least 100 contact hours with a minimum of 28 hours anatomy (e.g. Pilates, Yoga, Personal Training, etc.).


  • Certification in bodywork, therapy or health (e.g. structural integration, physiotherapy, exercise physiology, etc.).

It is important to enter the Slings training with some teaching or therapy experience and a set of exercises complementing the Slings movement repertoire. 

Long Term Goals

In the long run Slings activates the body's self-healing powers, optimizes resilience, promotes balanced myofascial tone, even force transmission and movement ease, as well as refining system communication within the body and signal perception.

The Slings Myofascial Training focuses on the health promoting qualities of the myofascial system that positively influence our postural balance and movement efficiency (in daily life, recreational activities and at work). 

  • Dynamic stability.
  • Adaptability.
  • Responsiveness.
  • Elasticity.
  • Glide.
  • Relaxation.
  • Tissue hydration and nourishment.
  • Body and movement awareness.


With movement arts such as dance and Yoga having been around for thousands of years and more contemporary practices like Pilates and Feldenkrais being well established now, claiming to have reinvented the (movement-) wheel would be short-sighted and presumptuous. Instead, I have taken the liberty to collect, redesign and reassemble movements from different disciplines. As a Pilates or Yoga teacher you will most definitely recognise exercises and poses. Still, within Slings Myofascial Training their execution and the intention behind them might be quite different, thus giving the familiar a new dimension.