5 Private classes & independent training
Valid 1 month
Train on your own at our studio
700kr / month
50 minutes sessions

Why audio lessons?

Audio is the perfect format for Pilates lessons. Video makes it difficult to practice proper form because it fixes your focus to a screen. Audio lessons better mimic the studio atmosphere, where you focus on form while listening to instructions.

video is a supplement!

Pilates Avatar lessons come with Video Snaps that demonstrate the proper technique for every individual move in each lesson. Watch them whenever you need a refresher.

STEP 1. Purchase

Choose your AVATAR PROGRAMME  to fit your level, time and apparatus you have available.

We suggest for safety you discuss this with us.


5 Intro Private classes with a personal instructor -  Valid 1 month & access to self training during your intro month.

We assess your posture and decide on a suitable avatar programme for you. Some clients are ready to progress to our Semi-Private group training after this intro package month, some it can take longer and are better suited to a further Private training package.

 STEP 2.Work out 

Schedule time for your workout, either at home or at Limhamn Pilates, your local authorised Avatar studio.

Once there, plug in your headphones, attach your phone to your arm in your holder or better still use your wireless headphones (recommended),

press play on your smartphone and get moving!


Imagine a “new you" emerging as you embark on this dynamic Pilates Avatar workout program. 
In Mat Foundations you’ll be introduced to 12 exercises—six pre-Pilates and six fundamentals—that will activate your core and build strength from the inside out.  These clear, well-paced audio instructions are perfect for those inexperienced with Pilates and will allow you develop correct form and technique from day one.
Practice at home, on the road or at your favorite Pilates studio. 
Included with the 20-minute Pilates Avatar audio workout are 12 video clips of the exercises and a workout list so you can familiarize yourself with your Pilates workout on your personal computer, tablet or smartphone.
In just 20 minutes a day, four days a week you’ll be on your way to a stronger, leaner, healthier you. 
Please take advantage to the free bonus Endings:
3 Routines, to bring your workout to a close and integrate all that good work into your day.
With the Pilates Avatar workout program Pilates has never been more accessible. 


The first 17 Reformer Foundation exercises were an eye opener, giving you a new vista of classical Pilates.

If you've already done mat work, the reformer series provides an integrated approach that can take you to the next level. You’ve stepped up to the classical Pilates workout — some mat and reformer, special exercises for your particular needs and an ending routine.

Your challenge is to get comfortable with the apparatus, exercise names and overall dynamics. Visualize your goal of meeting a toned, flexible and exceptionally fit “new you.” Keep focusing on consciously working with your powerhouse.

Remember, it's more than what you do, it’s how you do it!