July 5, 2017



Faith Clements is the founding board member of Limhamn Pilates Förening, and together with the Board she helps drive the Förening to bring wellness to the community with Pilates based movement.

Faith teaches on a voluntary basis in her spare time both matwork, reformer, Tower, Barre & Fascial flow group and private classes.

Faith is a fully licensed BASI Pilates comprehensive instructor, qualified to teach both matwork and machine training from beginner to advanced.

Faith took her initial education with BASI International in Copenhagen, a well respected long standing organisation. She mentors students in her free time, preparing them to go out into the world and help others

”Passing on knowledge is an extremely rewarding thing to do”.

The BASI Pilates education equipped her not only to rehabilitate her own chronic back conditions, but to also have the acute knowledge necessary to help others heal.

Faith also has specialist education from the Pilates Method Alliance in both lumbar and sacroilliac conditions, together with conditions of the entire shoulder girdle.

”Two fundamental areas of the body which are subject to a lot of dysfunction, requiring carefull training to bring the body back into balance”.

Faith has trained with exceptional international trainers including Fredrik & Elisabet Prag, Moses Urbano, Kathy Ross-Nash, Junghee Won, Blosson Leilia Crawford, Sean Gallagher, Alison Salmond. She regularly takes personal training to keep as informed as possible for the benefit of the community.

Faith had a successful career in international corporate finance. She owes her solution orientated approach and high sensitivity to others movement needs from her wealth of experience and self leadership skills gained from a lifetime of both competitive sport and movement and international business relations.

”Movement Heals – Stay Stronger”