What can I say – its been a hectic two weeks finishing the studio renovations. In the middle I was fortunate to attend the first ‘Nordic Pilates Conference’ in Helsinki for two full days of inspiring training with mentors Moses Urbano from Access Pilates, USA, and Fredrik & Elisabet Prag from Pilates Scandinavia. It was an unforgettable event in so many ways!

We feel very content with the paradise we have created in the new studio for the Malmo community. It been our mission to create an environment where you can switch off from your busy life, leave your mobile in the changing room locker and focus on you breathing and the wonderful movement and strength building that follows. It’s so necessary for your individual health to be able to relax to re-educate your body towards better movement function and balance.

Last week we had free classes which was a humbling experience. We welcomed new people to the studio committed to improving their health. Our ladies Tuesday Matwork group at 17:30 is growing, together with our ‘signature class’… Pilates for ‘Stiff Men’ on Wednesdays at 20:00. Not forgetting our new Apparatus training in small groups on various days. Our Pre summer clients have returned and are raring to re-connect to their bodies strength and improve their flexibility again as we transition into autumn.

Welcome to Limhamn Pilates

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