When you refer a friend and they spend over 2,500kr, you get 1 free private class.


Are you new to Pilates? Getting started couldn't be easier.

We have programs for everyone and every body, no matter what your current fitness level.Are you an athlete ? A Dancer ? A teacher ? A Computer geek ? A granddad ? A mother? A couch potato ? Or someone recovering from an injury or illness?

Pilates is a perfect fit–because it meets you right where you are.

Our instruction and coaching are geared to You, to Your needs and Your goals... and ultimately to "transforming" your relationship to your fitness, health and well-being.


Please buy after your first class.

Annual membership is automatically deducted from you card on 1 January annually. If you do not wish to continue your membership, please cancel during December. If you join us in December, please subscribe on 1 January.


START with a Personal Pilates Consultation


  • Initial Personal Consultation
  • Introductory Special: Reg price 700KR - save 300Kkr
  • A one-on-one Personal Consultation, in which your Instructor will review your needs and goals with you, provide you with a fitness assessment, introduce you with mat and equipment workouts and make recommendations to the most appropriate way for you to proceed.

OPTION 1: "Getting Started" Private Session (5) Package


  • 5 One-Hour Private Sessions (50 mins each)
  • Introductory Special: Reg price 3,375kr - save 625kr
  • This is a wonderful way to create a solid Pilates practice. Coming twice a week consistently will reward you with improved posture, core strength and flexibility. Your instructors primary focus is developing with you a solid practice that delivers on your goals. Valid 4 weeks.
NYA KUNDER 2,750kr / 5, 400kr / 1
Särskilt inledande paket med fem privata sessioner med en av våra certifierade lärare (550kr / session). Vi utvärderar din individuella kropp i rörelse, uppfyller eventuella begränsningar av villkor och tillsammans beslutar om det mest lämpliga programmet för långsiktiga framsteg och'Return to Health '.

TRIO GROUP 2019: 400kr/1 3,500kr/10 6,000kr/20 1,800kr/6 week course

Trios consist of 3 people, at our popular times the group can be larger.

INTRO: Start here after your private classes. You are introduced to the pre pilates exercises to prepare your body for the original classical pilates basic studio method.

BASIC: This is for you who has developed good strong foundation strength in the studio and wants more challenge. You work at the classic pilates basic studio method.

INTERMEDIATE: Have you been training for many years ? Developed exceptional stability and strength ?This is for you. You follow the more challenging Intermediate level studio method. If you still have unresolved issues in your back for example, we recommend you are first able to execute a deeper basic level class with no restrictions before entering this class for your safety and injury free training.

STIFF MEN: You guys get a really great challenge!!


1. The level of the class is not important, its the depth of your own focus and awareness of your body in movement and stability where you will gain maximum long term progress. A very deep basic class can be extremely challenging - its up to you to do the work with our guidance.

2. If you like more individual guidance, please book private classes

3. We do not hold a TRIO GROUP for 1 PERSON. In the event of 1 person booking, we will try to inform you in advance, or cancel the class. You do have the option of a private class, for this we take 2 trio clips from you package.

'We guide you - you find the work in your own unique body´.


1. We have TRIO Groups on the schedule, pick a level that fits you.

2. You create your own trio of workout partners. Trio's run weekly in blocks of 6 weeks. All three people pay for the six weeks of sessions in advance.

PRIVATE 700kr/1 3,375kr/5 6,500kr/10 12,000kr/20

Privates are the most versatile and worthwhile way to study Pilates at any level.Beginners find the one on one attention of privates essential to mastering the very precise movements found in the Pilates method.

Private appointments are the fastest way to progress in Pilates. Our certified Pilates instructors work one-on-one with you on the studio’s full range of equipment, including the Reformer, Cadillac, chair and ladder barrel, etc.

Our Instructors adjust the intensity and dynamics of your workout to your appropriate level. Even if you plan to take group classes it is highly recommended that you start out with a few private sessions and take refresher privates as you can. We do recommend you consider a private session a minimum of once a month to give you the best long-term progression.

SEMI-PRIVATE: 500kr/1 450kr/10 400kr/20

email us to discuss:

Shared private sessions. Your workout is independent of the other person sharing your same instructor. These sessions are an economical way to have a private session. Semi-Private groups are by invitation only. Please email us to arrange a meeting.

DUO: 500kr/1 450kr/10 400kr/20 per person.

want to train with a friend or partner ? Do you like individual guidance ? Duo's are the next best thing to private instruction. Two people are doing the same thing in a private session. Appointments for duos are arranged on your schedule and follow a private session format. Often friends make this kind of arrangement, but we may be able to set you up with a duet partner.

It is best to try to do duo's with someone close to your own level, we can of course accommodate you if you are at different levels. Duo's are seen as a shared private and are an excellent way to defer the cost of a private session.

Note: If one person cancels, then the full cost of a private class is charged.

OPEN GYM 400kr/month

“You are on your own in the spirit of the way Joe Pilates ran his studio.” This time frame is set-aside for those who can work out on their own.

Prerequisites:Generally a year of Pilates at Limhamn Pilates, or previously at another classic Pilates studio so you have a safe working knowledge of the apparatus, and are comfortable with choreographing your own workouts. OPEN GYM COST: 400kr/month subscription. We also offer an introductory ´Gym´package for 1,000kr with 3 private classes and independent gym training. Valid 1 month

  • On Site Pilates- We will visit your home or office. Please call for rates and more information.
  • Sessions and classes are 55 or 30 minutes long.
  • If you have any questions about booking, please contact us at,
  • Please read our Studio policies.


Buy your membership after your first class
100 kr


1 x 55 mins
5 x 55 mins


1 Private
55 minutes
700 kr
1 Private
30 minutes


10 Private
10 x 55 mins
20 Private
20 x 55 mins
10 Private
10 x 30 mins


10 Private
10 x 30 mins

TRIO GROUP PACKAGES: Intro, Basic, Intermediate & ´Stiff Men´.

55 minutes
55 minutes