Is your health, strength, physical and mental agility important to you?

Are you looking for a challenging workout ? Want to find your balance and focus? Is your body weak and tired ?

Performance in daily life, business and sport requires a strong physical and mental foundation.

Training privately with us is suited to those who are interested in their own ability to heal their relationship to their body.

Our personal classes are so much more than a PT workout.

We guide you on your own individual journey back to your true healthy balanced self, your ideal blueprint, without the stress or pressure to 'fit in'.

We have created a safe, oasis of calm in the studio to enable you to relax, let go, and find your personal awareness of your body and mind in functional movement.

We design a programme that’s personal to you.

Inviting us to train you will change your attitude towards your desire for physical exercise.

We recommend you start with an Intro Package to safely introduce you to the method, taking into account any conditions you may have. 

Intro Month: 3 Private classes & entry to our Group training scheme 1,495kr

Valid 1 month.

After training privately at least 3 times, you are eligible to progress to our Semi-Private groups of 3.

Intro Matwork / Tower:  3 Group Matwork or Tower classes for 250kr

Buy 1 private Intro
Buy 5 private classes
Buy 10 private classes