Recognise anyone giving an interview at the 2016 International Return to Life Pilates Conference..?..😀👍 see (2.16 minuters in)

It really hit home watching my interview at how much my own neurological conditions have improved in just 2 years with the Pilates apparatus method and all the lovely help I have had from so many generous Instructors.

The right side of my face was hardly moving in 2016 as you can see in this video.

The frantic eye twitches indicate just how bad a compression I had in my scull and brain 😱) from various head injuries, whiplash and the deep dysfunction this created in my entire body over many years🙈

The specialist Rhumatologist said I was ok in his report to the Insurance company in Denmark…..He went so far as to say he would ok me to do a bungee jump if I wanted too 😳😞🤯😢😭 ???

Determination and the energy to not only get well but to bring all my learning to the Malmo community so you don`t have to stuffer was and is my mission it will never end 👍🙏💪

Health = quality of life = happiness.

Never accept your condition is anything but temporary. The human body has an amazing ability to heal given a safe environment and the right circumstances.👍

Without my determined journey these past 5 years I would not be walking or functioning now 😱😤

Return to Life Conference 2016

Happy Birthday Joseph Pilates. On 9th December 2013 Pilates Teacher Association was launched to raise awareness of the skills and knowledge required to become a Comprehensive Pilates Teacher. Our work, with the views of teachers from many schools around the world, continues towards the creation of a distinct occupation. The Isle of man Conference assisted in building friendships and collaboration among teachers from many backgrounds. Join PTA as a member and help create a 21st Century occupation from the work of this 19th and 20th century pioneer of movement. Happy Birthday Joe and thank you.

Publicerat av Pilates Teacher Association Fredag 9 december 2016

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