October 15, 2016


L I M H A M N   P I L A T E S                     S T A Y   S T R O N G   &   P A I N   F R E E


Licensed Comprehensive Pilates & Matwork Instructor members welcome.
BASI Pilates BASI Pilates Education available in Copenhagen at Copenhagen Pilates Studio

Our instructors are Licensed Pilates Instructors. Either qualified Matwork or comprehensive instructors (Matwork & all Pilates Apparatus - Reformer, Stability Chair, Cadillac, Barrels, Matwork etc. )

Our founding members education


Unwinding Scoliosis with Pilates Karen Clippinger, M.S.P.E The Copenhagen Pilates Studio,Copenhagen, Denmark 11-12-11-2017


Anatomy Trains in Motion Karin Gurtner, Developer & Principal Educator, Thomas Myer’s Anatomy Trains. Capoeiraskolen Senzala, Fredriksberg, Denmark, 21 hours study 24-26/2-2017

Pilates for Golfers Workshop Fredrik & Elisabet Prag, Pilates Scandinavia & Classic Pilates 3 hours 09/2016.

Moses Urbano Access Pilates USA Workshop around the method on the machines 3 hours, Pilates B, Kongens Lyngby, Denmark

Pilates Teachers Association (PTA) Return to Life Conference 7-10/7 2016 Certificate of Attendance 19.5 hours
Lumbo Pelvic Stability - Alison Salmond ,Msc Exercise Science, BSc Osteopathy.
Muscle Fibre Types - Sean Gallagher, Physical Therapist, Primary Teacher new
York Pilates Studio.
Developmental Sequence & Pilates – Sean Gallagher, Physical Therapist, Primary Teacher new
York Pilates Studio.
Kathy Grant’s Cats and Beyond - Blossom Crawford, Bridge Pilates Brooklyn, New York
Wunda Chair Wonders - Blossom, Crawford, Bridge Pilates Brooklyn, New York
The space between - Junghee-Won PhD
Anchoring & Opposition - Kathi Ross-Nash
Return to Life through Contrology, The Mat, Joseph Pilates original mat exercises
– Junghee-Won PhD
X-ray vision or just the system – individual needs on the
Cadilliac and barrels - Junghee-Won PhD
Touch Techniques and spotting for success - Junghee-Won PhD
Moving the body as a unit -
Hubertus Joseph Pilates, The Biography – Author lecture Javier Perez Pont

BASI Pilates Comprehensive Pilates Instructor Matwork & Pilates Machines/Apparatus
04/2015 – 10/2016 (950 hours)

Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) Shoulder mechanics, alignment & Pilates programme
design 6 CEC, Sacroiliac function & Pilates programme design 6 CEC
Professor Karen Clippinger, California state university M.S.P.E
The Copenhagen Pilates Studio, Copenhagen, Denmark 19-20/9-2016