Just back in Malmo after a delicious master class and technical class on the small barrel with the delightfull Elisabet Prag of Pilates Scandinavia, Malmo at PilatesB Lyngby, Copenhagen

I first met Elisabet prag a year ago in her peaceful home studio just outside of Malmo. It was then after a small barrel class that I started to understand the beginnings of three dimensional movement in my own body and pilates training. 

One year on, I look back with a sense pf ease at how I have progressed in my own body on a really fundamental level. My attitude towards looking after myself from the inside out is ever more present. Its a cycle that needs constant nourishment and care.  The small barrel gives the body a detox, massaging the internal organs and providing vital circulation to them.

“The small barrel massages your internal organs in the most profound way”

Its a busy mad mad world and we get caught up in the ‘must do’s. How much time each day do you truly devote to looking after your mind and body ? ( your amazing super machine)… Do you think thats enough ? 

For most of us its not nearly enough, and we are not aware of the connection of lack of it to mind and body. We run on auto-pilot until one day chronic exhaustion, pain or worse stops us!

My journey into movement education started 3 years ago, and its taught me that no matter what, you must look after your mind and body as one, and it starts with your breathing. So many of us just do not breathe well and we are not aware of it.  The knock on effect of this is horrible-

How can we contribute to the world around us if we are in a state of ill health and we do not realise it ?

Elisabeth Prag led us through the delights of movement with the small barrel. This small very comfortable Pilates apparatus  made originally by Joseph Pilates from half of a beer barrel, is outstanding for opening up the body in three dimensions.

The small Barrel helps you connect to both your back and your core and aids your understanding in terms of the Matwork training quicker.

I see many people with really tight chests and backs, and associated movement dysfunctions.

At Limhamn Pilates you are introduced to the delights of the small barrel in our small group training.

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