Our Hygiene Procedures

We've always maintained high standards of hygiene in our studios, but we have now stepped up our routine.

We want to take extra care of you!
What are we doing at Limhamn Pilates and how can you contribute when you are in the studio ?

We maintain our small personal training groups.
We take care of hygiene and we want to do a little more for you all just now.

Together we can keep safe, happy and smiling 🙂

What do we do?
We regularly wash and disinfect the equipment
We keep the studio clean as always
We keep very good hand hygiene and do not come too close to you
We smile to you from a distance.

What can you do?
You wash hands as soon as you enter the studio
You stay home if you feel sick
You stay home if you or yours have been quarantined
You follow the directions of your local health authority

We change towels after each class
We ask you to use the hand disinfectant in the studio
We ask you to clean your own equipment very well after use, also remember the poles on the Towers and anything else you have touched, handles, foot straps, balls and circles etc.

Contact us for questions

Train with us from home on Skype and stay healthy and moving
We have been offering online training to our members for some time now and we are expanding.

To train online you just need a mat and a computer with an internet connection - we will set up the rest for you.

It will be possible both during the daytime and in the evening.

Contact us for more information and for availability.