Private training is for you who prefers individual 1 to 1 personalised training with maximum benefit. In a private session you are alone with an instructor.

We also offer Duo Training where you have a regular training partner and each receive private training with one instructor.

From Rehab to sports performance, private training is unique to your needs.

Your instructor designs your programme in line with your movement capacity, taking into consideration any restrictions you may have.

Here, the focus is on your wishes and you are motivated to do what you can during every training session.

Your training is on both mats and on Pilates equipment, which always makes the training interesting  and challenging.

Classic Pilates works your entire body at a deep level, so if you have restriction or injury these areas receive necessary circulation to enable healing and progression.

Classic Pilates is extremely beneficial for EveryBody' to maintain deep connections, balance and alignment and ultimately your health in the long term.

With individual training we help you reduce the risk of injury with the safe and focused training. If you have special needs or conditions, we take this into consideration.