I understand that these uncertain times can place a significant stress on our community and personal well-being. So, I feel that it’s my job to continue to provide Pilates to people, while ensuring that we are taking the necessary precautions to keep you safe. 

It is now more important than ever to remain strong and healthy both in body and mind.

Continue to move your body and try to de-stress your mind in order to keep your immune system strong. If you are well and able, try to keep your routine as normal as possible. We have reduced some of our package prices to make this easy for you.

If you are confined to your home you need not miss out on your routine; our new virtual options are now available as well - you can choose from private or group classes. 

I am proud and grateful to have you as part of our Limhamn Pilates family. 
"Together we are so much stronger"

Let's be kind and help each other and, above all, keep yourself and your family safe and healthy.

Warmest, Faith

To help keep you strong and healthy if you are at home, we have organised online training with ZOOM.

ZOOM is a widely used platform already for private and group training and we are bringing it to you in the comfort of your own home via both live and recorded classes.




Two Week Online Classes Package from Kr395: Unlimited online classes both live and recorded

Semi-Private small groups: For our regular members we want to keep your progress moving

Private Training: If you are home, please take care of your health and keep up your training with us.


Log on and enjoy a fun workout from wherever you are.

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Two Week Online Classes Package
Two weeks

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This is a creative class where we will train with some of the equipment movements on the mat - yes its very possible and yes its a great workout.

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Keep up your individual workout with your personal instructor.

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