Faith Clements didn't exactly plan her career path in Sweden. Her body chose it for her.

Inspired by her brother's idyllic life in the Swedish countryside, the Brit moved to the country in 2006, with the trade off being four-hour commutes to Copenhagen on a daily basis in order to keep up a successful job in finance.

“I love the countryside and had been riding horses a lot in the UK, so I decided it would be a great place to live,” she tells The Local.

“I was commuting four hours a day from Österlen to Copenhagen and had a successful career in international corporate finance spanning 25 years,” she adds.

It was all going perfectly well until chronic back issues kicked in, gradually making her stressful job and long commute more laborious. As the pain started to get worse, Clements realized she had to act.

She began learning about the condition and how to make it manageable, opting to take up Pilates, a physical fitness system first developed in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates.

“I took a comprehensive Pilates education to find a solution, as my condition was rapidly............