The Danish Pilates School

With a degree from the Danish Pilates School, you get the best prerequisites for being able to work professionally with movement and training using Pilates.

You will gain a good understanding of applied movement theory based on a theoretical and scientific background. Pilates training is a practical training, where experience must be gathered along the way.

You will be trained in classic Pilates where you will learn the whole method in its pure form.
In addition, you get a solid and detailed background knowledge of everything that has to do with exercise, movement and body - all conveyed by professionals and professionals. You learn how to work creatively and independently with Pilates and you learn how to evaluate what is a good choice for a given body and how to easily and simply adapt an exercise to a specific person.

You gain the confidence to be able to train others in Pilates, training and movement - whether it is someone in the midst of a major injury or a top athlete who needs the extra to be able to perform during the day, you will be dressed well on after the process. How you choose to use your education and knowledge is entirely up to you.

We give you the foundation to make a qualified choice for you. The pace and the time you need, yes, you also decide for yourself and it depends on how much time you can devote to your education. In short, we create a school for you.