"Increasing stress levels and growing awareness of wellbeing have contributed to the success of both forms of exercise. But their benefits depend on your body type and temperament"

"Although pilates is not a spiritual pursuit, its origins are rooted in healing and rehabilitation. Its German inventor, Joseph Pilates, relocated to England in 1912 and, as war broke out, was interned with other Germans working in a hospital on the Isle of Man. It was here that he invented the beginnings of his reformer, cadillac and chair equipment, using springs to help bed-bound patients develop their muscles.

That tradition continues to this day. Laura Browning Grant, a pilates teacher in North Carolina, gained a huge following on social media for using pilates techniques to rehabilitate her husband, Jonny, a former Navy Seal who suffered a traumatic brain injury in a car crash. Grant has written about the power of pilates for both physical and mental wellbeing.

“I have worked with individuals that have experienced trauma, causing emotional and physical damage,” she writes. “Using the pilates method, many were able to regain a sense of balance in their life.”


Source: The Guardian