Level of difficulty: From Pre-Pilates to advanced

Recommended for: Everybody from rehab, healthy bodies, weekend warriors, aging, teenagers, post pregnancy, sports performance

Pilates matwork is a series of exercises that are practiced on the classic pilates comfortable high mats. 

The mats have straps and handles to better help you find and develop your strength and control in movement.

The attention to the flow of movement and to the core muscles is the same as Pilates on the equipment, and matwork is a challenging workout in its own right.

Many Pilates experts recommend matwork classes as the best for beginners because of its emphasis on learning how to control your muscles during exercise.  Matwork guides you to become aware of your body again in movement and strengthens and stabilises your body as you move in all directions.

Matwork classes follow a set but flowing choreography that use your body weight as resistance. We use our classic high mats with straps and handles to help you find your deep strength easier.

The benefit of Pilates matwork is that it can be done anywhere and with just a mat. It is easy to teach in a group environment, making it more affordable. However, like any of the other Pilates methods, it is recommended to start with a minimum of three private lessons in order to understand and master the techniques and connect to your core muscles correctly.

Once the technique is mastered, you can supplement your practice with workouts provided by Limhamn Pilates

What to expect in a class

Matwork is divided into different levels and we recommend you select a level most appropriate to you to avoid injury. During the Matwork class you at all times become aware of your own individual capacity and what feels good to you, there is no competition or need to be as good as others, your training is very personal to you.

During our classes we want you to feel good, but you need to be prepared to move and you may sweat.

Intro – If you prefer to have a slower start or have back pain or are recovering from illness this is the class for you. We start with some preparation pre-pilates exercises which prepare your body to progress further.

Basic – A beginner class for healthy bodies with no pain issues. Here we start to move through the classic pilates exercises with a flow. Be prepared to ‘move and sweat’.

Open – Open class is for all levels and is designed after the participants capacity.