Amazing...Words cannot do justice... You rock, today is the first day in longer than I can remember that my back is pain free. I'm a believer." I played competitive sports for years.. The overuse and impact finally caught up, and I had been living with daily back and hip pain. Nothing seemed to help. I tried Yoga, Physical Therapy and stopped running, it only got worse. Pilates at Limhamn Pilates Förening was my first introduction to the discipline and Wow!! The day following my second session I was pain free. I'm now a believer and a follower. Many thanks!
"Jag hittade Limhamn Pilates Förening av en slump. Började träna med reformer. Efter mina första lektioner var jag tvungen att åka hem och sova! Jag blev jättetrött. Har aldrig känt något liknande tidigare, jag anser mig ändå i ganska god form. Men denna trötthet var för mig ett tydligt tecken att detta var något helt annorlunda. Efter att ha gått regelbundet hela våren känner jag mig starkare och mer ¨liksidig¨. Det här med liksidigheten märker jag mest i min ridning. Jag rekommenderar verkligen att testa denna form av träning!"
Limhamn Pilates Förening have a natural gift of bringing out the true magic of Pilates through. I was suffering with back ache and not sleeping too well. I didn't think I had the time to go to Pilates and now I know It is a top priority to help my life function. I now don't have the time not to go!! The calm and positive approach has helped me to take a gentle and relaxed start and have the confidence to do more. After just a few sessions I already felt the benefits with reduced back pain and I found the simple and beautiful joy of sleep!! Thank you and see you soon!
Pilates is big in Australia and the chance to start training with Faith at Limhamns Pilates was something I was looking forward to. I needed to choose between going to a gym, doing yoga or training Pilates. Looking back, I made the right choice.From the beginning I noticed that my posture improved. I sat more upright in my car and felt I carried a better posture with ease. I wasn’t trying to hold a posture, I just felt I had found the right way to move with my body.Secondly, I noticed a greater core strength improved from getting out of bed to holding a position on the bike. One movement we had focussed on was to move the femur from the stomach, to use the core to lift the leg. Often cyclists talk about spinning circles, pushing down and pulling up of the pedals, most just don’t do this because it’s hard to master. During one training session, I focussed on lifting my leg through lower power phase of the pedal stroke and noticed the ease at which I could increase my power from 360 watts to 380 watts (in a 4 minute effort).Thirdly, I found my recovery from training sessions had improved, I suspect that a better posture and knowledge of my chain of movements, meant I was moving more efficiently and so didn’t suffer so much stress under the session. Also, to focus on Pilates movements during running sessions helped me focus on length, good posture and optimal breathing.Lastly, at Tivoli last weekend, I could handle many of the more crazy rides by holding myself in place with a stronger core.Faith’s knowledge of Pilates, her inspiring approach and ability to drive a training session mean that Pilates has become an important part of my preparation for Ironman Copenhagen in 2019.