Semi-Private / Trio /Stiff Men are small groups of 3-7 people (minimum 2).

INTRO: Start here after your private classes. You are introduced to the pre pilates exercises to prepare your body for the original classical pilates basic studio method.

BASIC: This is for you who has developed good strong foundation strength in the studio and wants more challenge. You work at the classic pilates basic studio method.

OPEN: Have you a healthy strong body, no back pain ? Developed a deep stability and strength ? this is for you. You follow the Intermediate level studio method. If you still have issues in your back for example, we recommend you are first able to execute a deep basic level class with no restrictions before entering this class.

STIFF MEN: You guys get a really great challenge!! Our guys appreciate our training and return week! Want to join?

400kr/1.  3,500kr/10.  6,000kr/20.  1,800kr/6 week course

You can book any of our other group classes with 1 clip from this package.

Valid 120 days.

We extend your package when the studio is closed. We do not extend your package for your holidays.


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