Level of difficulty: Beginner to Advanced

Recommended for: Everybody from rehab, healthy bodies, weekend warriors, aging, teenagers, post pregnancy, sports performance

Requirement: Minimum 3 private session before joining 

At first glance the tower, like the reformer or cadillac, looks like a medieval torture device, but it is definitely not!

The tower is a vertical unit that uses a variety of attachments—a roll-down bar, arm springs, leg springs, and a push-through bar to provide a full body workout. 

The Pilates Tower is an extremely adaptable piece of Pilates equipment and like all other pieces of Pilates equipment can be used to further challenge or give support in order to address the functional needs of the advanced as well as the beginner Pilates enthusiast.  

Reformers use springs which all are attached to a central anchoring point. The Tower offers a variety of springs in different locations, allowing the legs, arms and torso to work directly with the spring. The Tower allows adjustment of springs and resistance for your height, weight, and strength. It lets you target legs, arms, bottom or any part of your body, while still using your core. It is a whole body strengthening workout, withoutstress on your joints.

What to expect in a class - Faith can you summarise what your class normally entails

During a tower class you instructor will start with between 15-25 minutes of matwork and then progress you to the tower trainig.   

It is recommended that you have a knowledge of Pilates and that you have participated in a minimum of 3-5 Pilates matwork sessions. either with Limhamn Pilates or at another studio, or you have completed the three private intro lessons first.

 Tower is divided into levels

Intro If you prefer to have a slower start or have back pain, find it hard to move or are recovering from illness this is the class for you. We start with some preparation pre-pilates exercises which prepare your body to progress further. We then use the tower bars sometimes without spring resistance to get your body used to connecting in movement and finding more space. 

Basic A beginner class for healthy bodies, we sometimes recommend those with some pain issues also join this class as we know it will progress you much further. Here we start to move you through the classic pilates basic level exercises with a flow. Be prepared to ‘move and sweat’. 

Open  Open class is for all levels and is designed after the participants capacity.