Do you know someone with spinal stenosis ? Osteoporosis, Disk bulge, etc , nothing seems to help ?

A good Pilates teacher is trained to guide you with not only deep core training in the transverse abdomoni region (abs as we all know) but with the little known segmental spinal stability.. strengthening all the tiny muscles throughout the spine.

In order to strengthen the spine we work the entire body, from feet to neck. what affects one part of the body or spine affects the rest... The method we teach is fundamental to supporting a healthy spine, and a strong body from the inside out.

Myself I chose to take a year out from work to better manage my chronic rapidly declining back pain conditions. I took an intensive high level education to understand how to get well. Now two years on, and more education I still train daily to maintain freedom of movement and maintain strength on a nurological level ( there is no couch potato way out) ( without Pilates training I have no strength in one side of my body, my pelvis struggles to hold. me up, and I suffer chronic exhaustion, the subsequent physical distortions are crippling) This is not something I accept as my 'new normal'..., and its my 'WHY' for doing what I do. You too can choose to 'ACT' to stay strong!!

It really warms my soul to share my knowledge, bringing a better quality of life to others through movement
With kindness

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