Pull Up on the Wunda Chair

An Instructors journey

I take regular personal training and continuing education from individuals who have most impacted my health.  The education is of an exceptional high quality, true to the source of Joseph pilates teachings.

To be able to guide individuals within the Classic Pilates system of studio training, as an instructor one must not only know the exercises but have absorbed them into our body and mind to such a level to understand their impact on an individual and what that body in front of us needs on any given day.

The reason we do it ? We want you to also find a better sense of your own health in your movement activities in your daily life. Whether that's carrying your shopping bags with greater ease and less neck pain, improving your weekly tennis game or coming back to health after an injury or illness. People also comment that their work life focus improves.

What we give you at Limhamn Pilates is an extremely unique personal movement experience that can impact your current and future health.

Once you feel the method and the resistance of the equipment springs resonate deep within your own body - there is often no turning away from the Classic Pilates Method. 

No two sessions are the same as we guide you deeper as your body and mind will allow. 

'Classic Pilates is a whole body and mind experience'.

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Faith Clements, Limhamn Pilates Founder & Lead Instructor