Small Barrell - Opens your back - Feels amazing!

Why do Classic Pilates instructors invest in continuing education?

For me I seek a greater sense of restriction free movement and vitality = my health

I have a back issue, caused by something in my foundation not supporting me -I work with this daily. If I didnt I would be in a wheelchair!

I first realised this in 2015 - I let go of my successful corporate finance consulting job and trusted in my future. its why I took my first Comprehensive Pilates education. This was just the start, curious for a deeper sense of health I carried on with continuing education which prepared me for the professional 2 year Classic Pilates education I started early in 2019 at den danske pilatesskole.

Here we study under and are assessed by some of the most highly regarded international educators today - the ultimate professional education in working with building strength in movement with ’every-body’.

Great Pilates instructors often take a similar journey as a means of ’survival’, of regaining function and strength in movement for many reasons. It equips us extremely well to work with you.

We often choose this road after or instead of an operation or as a recovery from ill health. We realise our bodies intelligence and are curious to work with it.

As instructors, we do not just educate ourselves to learn new fancy exercises, but understand the enormous potential of the human body in movement and what it means to activate the body as a whole, so we find our strength and power in our daily life whatever that looks like. This is too good not to share with you our community. When we have this experience in our own bodies, we can coach you the community also to your ultimate health.

It’s like the centre of a Spiders web - everything stems from its strong foundation. When one part of that web is ’off balance’ the whole web gets pulled ’off balance’, the result pain, injury and dysfunction, add on some years or decades of this and its not a healthy picture.

Helping people in the way is a pleasure, to be trusted with someones ’road to health’ is big, its HUGE and it matters in our society.

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